Just want to be good in Team Arena.

Hi, I was wondering if some people are like me when it comes to playing online not only for fun but also to just WIN and if you lose, learn from it. I have a lot of what you call nowadays friends that are “Gamers” but they seem to not grasp the concept that when you are in Multiplayer games, you are to WIN. Not lose. In my opinion if you are into not winning, then go ahead and enjoy Warzone or Campaign…just do not invite me to go in your party and make your W/L ratio go up while I bust my butt for you.
With that being said, I am into trying out the Team Arena to see how I stack up with people who want to set goals on getting good at the diversity of what this game has to offer… but I do not want to go alone. I have not touched the Playlist yet, only Slayer and in Slayer I made Diamond****1 (like that is helpful). I’ve just been playing with friends and it is hard to keep a calm composure when I hear them complaining on how this game is bad when it comes to reality that it is the “User Error”. Also, later down the road, if there is good chemistry within the players, I would like to join a Gamebattles team and possibly compete in that arena including PGL. I am up for whatever. Dedication isn’t a “must” but it would be cool if we can play at least once a day. We don’t have to play together all the time but if, for example, you want to get a solid win with good people, then hit the team up to play a few games. I am a full-time student and crunch time for final grades are coming up but I am interested in playing late nights. I do not know how you check statistics on the forums but my Gamertag is :Crushyyy (Obviously) and you can check my games out and see if I am capable of playing with you.
Thank you in advance