just want some opinion for btb .

I want to see if people would like the idea of changing some of the maps BTB now provides. Right now BTB consists of Hemmorage, Abridged, Wayont, Spire(sometimes), Boneyard(also sometimes), and the dlc BTB maps that show up once in 100 matches.

I think that BTB needs some changes in maps as of now. I think that BTB needs to be DLC required to play because 5 maps over and over and over we need some variety. I also think that paradiseo and renegade should be put back in to BTB they were good maps IMO.

If you have any suggestions to give BTB more variety post your ideas.

Renegade is still in BTB as far as my knowledge goes unless they just removed it this month.

Paradiso proved to be broken with mountain-men DMRing everyone from up high. Utopie; an altered version tried to fix this but it still proved to be no good.

I agree. BTB’s maps selection is awful. There are only two on disc maps which were made specifically for BTB in mind, both of which are Forge World maps. This problem is then amplified by 343’s decision to force developer maps in the first two voting slots causing map selection to mainly consist of Hemmorhage with a sprinkle of Boneyard and Spire, two maps which were designed primarily for Invasion.

The most obvious thing that should be done is to remove the developer restrictions on the first two voting slots to increase the variety. The next step is requiring Noble and Defiant DLC. Not only will this add Tempest, Breakpoint, and Highlands to mix , but it also increases the likelihood of the Anniversary maps appearing as players who have bought one DLC expansion will, more often than not, have bought the others as well. Furthermore, BTB is generally one of the more populated playlists. It’ll be able to handle the reduced player base quite well. If population still remains a concern for 343, I would recommend putting both Noble and Defiant DLC on a month-long sale for 400 MS points each to make it easier for people who want to have access to the entirety of the MM experience to do so.

IMO, the BTB maps are baaaad

in halo’s history, BTB has been about vehicle-based maps, as well as large open maps that are good with cover and weaponry, if you knew what you were doing, you’d survive

Take some of H3’s maps, two examples being Sandtrap and avalanche

both of those maps offer a GREAT vehicle vs. vehicle playspace, as well as some vehicle vs. Infantry spaces

and both ALSO have good infantry-only areas, ussualy the middle of the map

now, look at reach’s maps

Hemorrhage for example, is based too much on vehicular gameplay, combined with the fact that DMR’s wreck vehicles, and that the fact that vehicles take to damn long to respawn sometimes, often times, teams ind themselves walking into impossible teritory

now, look at some other Reach maps, Abridged for example, this maps is based purely on INFANTRY engagements, as there are few vehicles in it,
can you dominate using avheicle givin skill, and/or experience, yes
is it common? no
it’s too-based on infantry, and not enough vehicle, and it just dosen’t work

are both of the maps fun to play on? Yes
could they be better? definitely, some changes could really help BTB
(including nerfing DMR damage to vehicles)

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O.T. Yah we definetly need more DLC maos that are good and not grey