just want a straight answer

I didn’t see any threads about this, so I’m gonna try and post this anyway…

Please just give me a straight answer. I have not gotten a straight answer, period.

Can someone please tell me when e3 ACTUALLY is? The bulletin said 6 days from now (5/30, not 5/31 since its past midnight now), but that is june 5th. However, I was told it was june 4th. I also read that it is on june 4th somewhere, but I don’t remember where I saw that. Can someone please confirm the ACTUAL date for me? I have finals next week, so I kinda need to know the real date to plan accordingly. Pathetic really, how our society can’t do anything without contradicting itself…ggrrr.

Thanks, btw.

Wow. I’m sorry, I thought it WAS the 5th of June. Have you tried googling it, bro?

Edit: Didn’t they say the 4th was just a Microsoft conference?

June 4th at 12:30 pm EST and lasting all day and night (Halo 4 info during both times. Spartan Ops at night I believe)

that’s what Spike TV said.
and Xbox.com says E3 starts on June 4

I think it lasts from June 5-7th.

E3 is all next week starting on Monday.

> E3 is all next week starting on Monday.

It’s going to amazing finally we get some Gameplay of Campaign, Spartan ops and hopefully Forge