Just throwing this idea out there

I know 343 needs to make money somehow, but I think it would be neat to be able to earn the credits in some way. Obviously, you could still pay for the credits, but it would be nice to be able to earn the credits in some way so that you didn’t have to buy almost everything.

Maybe you could earn the credits through the challenges and xp through a leveling up system. This way, the current challenge system can stay, and players can easily level up through the battle pass. 343 would still make a good profit off of the multiplayer for infinite and I feel like the players would enjoy this system more.


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Yes please, something like the Elder Scrolls Online way of earning coins or the Pokemon Go of earning coins in-game that people buy with real money for the shop.

That’s pretty much my thought process. I feel like it hits the best of both worlds: players having the choice to actually earn content and 343 earning money from those who opt to buy the credits. Plus, 343 is already going to make a fair amount of money from the battle pass alone, so why not have a way to earn the content outside of the battle pass?