just this little thing that annoys me!

so i dont understand it… i know its just a little thing, nothing major…

but it pisses me off so much when a slayer game ends and im not paying attention to the score right when it ends, so when i get back to the lobby i try to check the score cause i know it was a close game and when i bring up the scorecard, it doesnt even say the teams scores… just indvidual scores…

343 fix this, i want to be able to see the team scores after game! why leave it out?

Yea I agree with you. I also miss the top medals after the match.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this.

jesus told me to bump this

not be able to see team scores at the end of a game is really annoying

So I’m not crazy for being annoyed by that…

There’s absolutely no reason to leave this out of the game, other than sheer laziness on 343i’s fault for not adjusting the Score sheet to include it.