just thinking...

what’s up guys? As we all know, 343 studios succeeded at keeping the halo legend the best trilogy out there, and I’m fond of them. I really enjoy playing Halo 4, I am already a level 34, and I got the game on tuesday, the date of release. The story line, shocking and amazing. Spartan Ops, an amazing addition to the game. The multi-player, could’ve been better.

now, when I say this, I don’t mean the multi-player isn’t good, because it is. The game-types have just gotten boring after playing all of them so many times. I really wish they had added grifball, team snipers, and other game types. Now, I know they are adding these game types in later, but I think we need them now. This is my opinion though, and of course, everyone has different opinions, but I really think that multi player needs to be improved.

There are also many glitches in multi player as well. If Halo fails to entertain, then sales-prices will go down, the amount of returns will go up, and the amount of satisfactory will be low. Take this into consideration.

Most people buy Halo games either for the campaign, or multi player. We want a better online experience, as gamers.

thank you for reading, and enjoy halo :slight_smile:

also, feel free to display your opinion down below as well.

Team Snipers and Griffball is coming. As for glitches, this game is still new, expect some of them to be around for awhile.

of course, and I am not criticizing them for the glitches, the gameplay is just somewhat boring after a while.

You just said that every playlist which is 10+ brand new gametypes are already boring exactly one week after launch yet you believe the addition of 2 gametypes from past Halos will resolve that?

Your logic is a bit flawed, nothings wrong with multiplayer and I’ve barely hard of any “glitches” so I don’t really know what you’re talking about there either.