Just The beginning!


So as we all know we have been getting some Halo 4 here recently due to the Toy Fair in New York. I want to believe that this month is when the flow of Halo 4 info starts to flow a little bit more and the gears start to turn.

I might be wrong as well but i kinda have a feeling we’ll be hearing a lot more this month than any of the previous month. So maybe the Halo 4 marketing plan starts now?

We already have all of the following info

Master Chiefs New Armor
New Composer
Game is playable (Campaign)
Might see multiplayer bots
Speculating that we will see it this spring event!
Any thing else you guys would like to add?

Master Chief becomes happy and gets married with Frankie.

lol at OP title fail. :wink:

I can feel the marketing starting.

Good thing I got GCI to hold me off for a little while. :slight_smile:

Begging? What?

> Begging? What?

Lol sorry about that xD It’s like 5:00 am here! My eyes are sealed!!

I hope so. The toy fair stuff is nice, provides a nice talking point and something to chew on until 5th March.

I wish stuff like this happened more often, or maybe it will being to now. This is what us “info moaners” wanted, small titbits of info which will keep us mulling over until the next small titbit is released. It whets the appetite for more, and keeps this stupid phrase of “Hype” going. I mean, waypoint posts have been going up and i’m sure more people are interested in the game after seeing the Chief.