Just stay calm

Hello Halo community , so we all know that people can rage if they have a losing streak in a online match in Halo , and especially Halo 5, believe I have friends who broken the controller over a match. So the best way to win is to keep trying but that is not enough, you also need to be calm and mean Calm . I do this a lot and it helps me win , doing this could also help you in real life as it can help train yourself for the more stressful and anger filled days ahead, and I’m not saying it works for everyone , I’m just saying for some people out there in the Halo community and even those people who don’t play Halo , staying calm and training yourself to make it we’re you can’t reach your boiling will help a lot in the future and hopefully stop fighting or even small things like breaking your controller, mouse, or even key board in the future ahead. Well that’s all and comment if this helps you or not. And if you have a YouTube channel give me a shout out if someone points out that your unusually calm. Remember to stay calm and have a nice day.

I usually don’t get mad for losing. I will get mad about the people I am paired with though. Nowadays I could care less, I’m just waiting for Infinite.

Good advice