Just some thoughts I had about the current available bodyshapes

image references: www(dot)imgur(dot)com/a/lRQuhvD

Something I have noticed that while the options are fairly similar, I can’t help to notice how different they are yet.

When going through the options, they’re all fairly masculine looking, very broad shoulders and narrow hips on most options, whereas shape 1 (the middle body shape option) is the only fairly feminine looking.
At that same time, the Spartan VII one is very distinctly different from the Spartan V one with noticeable broader shoulders and slight narrower hips.

Now, this isn’t a game changer, this isn’t something that will ruin the game for me or anything that I’m even demanding or asking to be changed, it’s simply and observation I have made.
I find it rather odd however, that they wouldn’t just use the same bodyshape for the two different armour options and just go with that, because for me, the Spartan V shape is the one I’ll be going for even though I absolutely would rather play with the Spartan VII armour sets as they were the first thing I fell in love with when they started marketing the Multiplayer.

Maybe it’s just the armour making it look like that, as you can see in the first image of my Imgur post, they are fairly similar, but when looking from the front, they are quite different.

You can’t see your own Spartan, why does it matter?
Well, then why does customization matter if you can’t see your own Spartan while playing? Simply put, it’s all about identity and creating a Spartan that is you.

Again, nothing that is ruining the game for me or should be a priority, I just wanted to get my thoughts out there.

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