Just some ideas/feedback from a casual player

I’ve been loving the Infinite beta so far, and I want to see this game be the best it can be. Not sure how good these ideas are but just wanted to share.

Liked the recent change to XP and giving us some after every match, but I think 50 XP is pretty low. If you’ve completed your weekly challenges or can’t get the correct mode/weapon to complete a certain weekly, 50 XP per match means you have to play 20 matches to gain one tier in the Battle Pass. I think bumping the XP per game up to 100 would be great, or have XP bonuses possibly for winning a match or playing with friends.

Another topic I want to bring up is that I think Oddball could use some work. It is a fun mode and can get very hectic at times, but it does not have the high pace feeling that Capture the Flag has. I think maybe if more movement was encouraged it would be better. Maybe allow the ball carrier to sprint, even if it’s just a slight sprint like a flag carrier can do.

Just a couple ideas I had.

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Agreed. The original 100-250 XP daily challenges were actually very adequate, and the only real problem with them was that they asked for more and more games between the rewards.

As for the weekly challenges, they should be optional, not required for effective BP progression.

100% agree. The weekly challenges should be there to give you larger boosts to your Battle Pass but not necessary to do. That would help lesser skilled players as well that maybe can’t complete certain challenges.