Just some dust and echoes here. I really love the game, but... - Challenge progression

Hello Spartans!

Quickly to the point here, players who preform well, should be rewarded & these Challenges need to be re-worked. Without getting into specific Challenge scenarios, I am finding myself more often than not, avoiding the natural flow of games so that I can succeed no matter the outcome for my team. How hard would it be the take the users metadata (KDA/ objective score/ medal count) & formulate a total outcome score?

- Base win/loose score… good job, you won! you didn’t just… win with everyone!
- Kill/Death/Assist ratio multiplier
- Challenge completion is a bonus, not the primary
- Medal count bonus
- Objective score bonus

Why are we the hundreds of thousands of concurrent players succumbed to this poor loop?
This is Halos fresh start!!! We are complaining about a dry playlist offering because the progression is changing how we play the game. We should all be enjoying the ranked HCS settings right now, digging into some wild progression system that shows us Halo is here to stay & it is here to reclaim the mantle of responsibility to usher H-Esports into the new decade. What are we doing right now?

- Grinding fiesta for FIVE separate Killing Sprees (only 5 kill sprees too, not 10+ sprees.).
- Winning 50XP every round because… Everyone is a winner…?
- Not finishing an Oddball match so we can grind some Challenges. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
- Waiting at the base in BTB so that a random Gungoose will be dropped in… so maybe we can grab it first for the 5 kills because the VEHICLE DOESN’T SPAWN NATURALLY ON ANY MAP.
- Waiting at the back of the base for an enemy wraith to MAYBE spawn, so that I can personally blow it up. Oh yeah, I had to do that three times. (VEHICLE DOESN’T SPAWN NATURALLY ON ANY MAP.)

This has always been the king of multiplayer arena shooters for me, always. The Goldeneye magic morphed from N64 into the Xbox with Halo & predecessors like Quake went into hibernation as this amazing series grew its own footing in gaming.

- I remember getting to rank 42 in Halo 2.
- I remember achieving a 3-Star General Rank in Halo 3.
- I remember Reach lol

Point is… there are so many examples from days past, look at MCC really quick. I thought it was very general sure, but I also thought that it wasn’t intrusive & it was especially fair when they scaled the larger weekly/seasonal challenges. DID ANYONE REALLY HATE THAT SYSTEM?

Let us make a score scenario, I will use some explained arbitrary values & base it all upon the stats of a real match. While also trying to, within reason, stick to the pace & system already established.

Again this assumes you understand the current system & can compare it to what I am SUGGESTING below.

Scoring Legend:

WIN = 75XP
KDA(MIN1/MAX 4) * 25XP
-Damage Dealt//Damage Taken__
DD POS.1-4 = 50XP // POS.5-8 = 0XP
DT POS.1-4 = 50XP // POS.5-8 = 0XP
e10 MEDALS = 25XP
PS -1.4K = 25XP
PS +1.4K = 50XP

(Round total to nearest 5)

Blue Team
W -2nd / KDA= 1.58 / 6th DD=3570 / 5th DT= 3797 / M= 19 / PS= 1800 (190XP)

W -8th / KDA= 0.67 / 8th DD=2629 / 2nd DT= 3293 / M= 08 / PS= 925 (125XP)

W -1st / KDA= 2.83 / 2nd DD=5198 / 1st DT= 2743 / M= 25 / PS= 1675 (345XP)

W -3rd / KDA= 1.48 / 3rd DD=4573 / 6th DT= 4205 / M= 22 / PS= 1750 (260XP)

Red Team
L -7th / KDA= 0.48 / 1st DD=5199 / 7th DT= 4554 / M= 06 / PS= 850 (75XP)

L -5th / KDA= 1.03 / 5th DD=4001 / 4th DT= 3429 / M= 10 / PS= 1210 (100XP)

L -6th / KDA= 1.25 / 7th DD=2796 / 3rd DT= 3346 / M= 09 / PS= 1075 (80XP)

L -4th / KDA= 0.82 / 4th DD=4386 / 8th DT= 4571 / M= 12 / PS= 1250 (75XP)

AVERAGE XP per Player (1250/ 8 = 156.25) or 155XP

With all of the match XP delivery out of the way, the challenge system will need to be improved to better adjust to increased per match XP delivery. What we need is less specific weeklies that pull the player out of the gameplay loops, & fewer total challenges while asking for higher quantities of broad achievements.

Our dailies currently consist of 50XP per match, 80 matches a week = 4,000XP
We are given roughly 20 Weeklies for an average again, roughly, of 300XP per each = 6,000XP
TOTAL OFFERINGS: 10,000XP (Again roughly, without boosts. lol)

Further it has been less than two weeks & I have legitimately earned 33,500 XP with 169 matches played.

My system would net an average player a total of 10/15,000XP per 80 matches with upwards of 15/25,000XP (per 80 matches) for an above average player.

Certainly max XP limits could be set per match, per week, per season… but an underlying associated PROGRESS RANK system much like MCC would provide progression aside from the BP.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this rant, I love this community & I highly appreciate 343’s role in taking good care of Halo.

Furthermore as these things go, I might be missing some huge aspect to the system that makes this suggestion flawed. I might be so off base it isn’t funny, but I just grinded MCC for two years, something is weird here. Halo Infinite now makes me ask, will I have PVE weeklies for Campaign much like MCC come December 8th? If so will this actually solve problems that currently plague this system?!
GG Gamers. :tangerine:

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