Just some design concepts regarding organisation..

Dear 343 industries,

Hello there. I really hope to not intrude, but while I was playing your game ‘Halo 5: Guardians’ I couldn’t help but notice a few little…monotonous design concepts considering organisation that just seemed to bother me. If you have the time, I’d really like to go through a few possible improvements that you could make, as follows:

Concept 1: Scrolling
A bit of a minor change really, but something I’d consider really important nethertheless.

And so, I’m going to paint you a picture: imagine you’re in the middle of a Warzone match. You just got up to REQ level 8, and now you’re trying to call in that fancy Battle Rifle with an energy bayonet – which you KNOW is at the very end of your list. However, there’s a problem: you have to scroll right through to the VERY END just to get it, which takes up so much time that you find yourself already dead before you even call it in.

I just can’t tell you how many times that has happened to me already, and it’s something that really needs to be addressed. It’s a Warzone match, and every second counts.

What’s the solution?

Add in some scrolling options that let you scroll from the beginning of the left-hand-side, to the end of the right-hand-side. It would save so much time, and generally make everything that little bit easier on the player - and I’m not JUST talking about Warzone matches.

Concept 2: List Organisation
Another small and yet important change: the organisation options.
Think of it this way: whenever I want to find a certain item, saaay… an armour piece, I find it near impossible to do so – what with the MASSIVE unorganised list of customisation options.

You could say that I could use the Collection page instead – the only problems with that, however, is that: a) I can’t see how it looks on my Spartan (e.g. colour schemes or how it looks with my helmet), or b) I have to scroll through a massive list of armour items that I don’t even have yet, which can be quite the hindrance.

As for my solution?

Try to add in some user-friendly organisation options, e.g. recent items, rarity (pretty much the collection list, only without the items I don’t have yet), alphabetical order, etc…

And once again, this isn’t JUST for customisation options. It would be equally as helpful, if not even more, to include this kind of organisation on all other kinds of items. I’m talking about armour mods, weapon skins, weapon loadouts…

Seriously. Do you know how annoying it is to find that certain assault rifle you need in the middle of a Warzone match? I have to search through each and every type of them I already have – instead of just going already in with a rough idea of its location. It’s almost as time consuming as the first example.

Concept 3: Recent REQ items
Now, this concept is more of a personal idea to be honest, but I reckon it’s something that would be quite useful to all players – and that’s the option to view recent important REQs via the store (e.g. armour items, visors, weapon loadouts, etc…)

Just a really small added touch, but it sure should help those players locate their items much faster should they exit their REQ card a little too quickly.

That’s all from me for now, but I really do hope this helps. It really would be damn awesome if you were to give these concepts some thinking over.

Yours, Sploder101 RECRUIT – IRON.

Also - just a tincy, TINCY, little (possibly – mildly – selfish) request:
None of you peeps wouldn’t happen to mind lending me a certain ‘Atlas Vigilant’ helmet, by any chance?
It’s just that I’ve been trying to get my hands on that thing for ages now, opening countless silver packs in the process – which is quite time consuming considering my video-game restriction during A-Levels and all.

Kinda selfish, I know, but it would still be greatly appreciated.