Just so that you guys are all aware

But 343 did hire a psychology/monetization expert to create the monetization system for this game. If you don’t believe me go look at the video yongyea did 3 years ago called "fans upset to learn halo infinite is a live service, Microsoft hiring a microtransaction/psychology expert. This game was designed to be the way it is. And it will sadly push a ton of people away because it’s milking the things we’ve already had for years.


Explains why the battlepass requires you to progress through completing challenges and when you get the ones you don’t like or can’t complete. It forces you to purchase challenge swaps, which is pretty pricey to do. Very egregious.

It wouldn’t surprise me if every game studio did/does this though, so I’m not exactly surprised. Just disappointed that it seems that the BP impacts how they decided to present multiplayer.

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Some expert. They need to get a refund cause this is just driving people away from the game. Only a matter of time now before content creators start telling others to stay away from Halo Infinite cause it’s not a real Halo game. Not the one we once knew and love.

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i highly doubt that. It makes no sense, unless that “expert” is used to work at activision

A lot of companies do this. I don’t agree with it. I’m going to hold onto my money and see what 343 says/does.