Just saying h5>>>>>>>infinite

I think the deysnc issues alone make halo 5 a million times better then infinite


I agree. In my opinion everything about Halo 5 was better. Infinite has a depressing vibe going right now.

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true I very much agree


h5 has had more time for bug patches after real world metrics. there are live service related bugs that elude testing when a game is still in development that can only become apparent once millions of people have the opportunity to stress test servers etc.

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even early on h5 was pretty solid


Are we just ignoring H5 campaign all together now?


h5 had better art and visual depth

infinites campaign is incomplete rushed and basic

the campaign is propaganda, chief wipes a faction, soon theyll be a new enemy the end oh right and we say goodbye cortana hello the weapon

infinite has paper mache mountains flat bad green screen background looking parts of it. missing visuals like launch pad for example missing most of the visual aspects for some of them yet functioning like a launch pad
the game also has like almost no visual depth so it doesnt pull you into the game as easily as other halo titles such as h5 making you feel apart of it

a lot of random crap left all over like invisible grunts floating high in the sky in the middle of no where on turrets


Halo infinite campaign made me want to play 5.

5 at least had ambition. It failed, but tried.

Infinite’s like a sad repeat of 4.


Hmm… Why not? The Infinite campaign turned most of it into a found footage film.


its so basic and bland you can tell someone the full campaign in a single sentence

I dunno, Halo 5 just looks terrible… plastic, fake, power-rangery.

The campaign was incredibly cringey, and the story just wasn’t there.

Infinite feels like a step in the right direction, albeit a small step.


I get it it’s your opinion but the fanbase, by a vast vast majority, hates the art style of 4/5 and loves the style of infinite/ce/1/2/3/ODST/Reach.

Every Halo campaign is incomplete and rushed. But when it comes to basic, Halo 5 wins.

Que? Translation needed.

Visual depth refers to making art look 3D. Unless you are saying this game is 2D, than IDK what you are smoking. Whatever. You are not the first Halo 5 fan to use words and lingo who’s definitions you don’t know. I mean “propaganda,” lol common.

Elevator pitch. Some of the best movies and games are picked up and produced because the idea was sold in one sentence. This is universally seen as a good thing.

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visual depth is like proper lighting shading etc that makes you forget the world around you and pulls you into the game world then you can really be pulled into the game.

propaganda? have you not played the campaign a large portion of the campaign is faction propaganda even having propaganda radio towers all over.

also just because they were good and sold doesnt make halo infinites story solid great and memorable.

Halo 5 feels like the game where 343 Industries was the most passionate and ambitious - an opportunity to exploit their creative insight and expand the game in every area.

Halo Infinite just feels like they gave up; their efforts reduced to conformity.


Chiaroscuro, the use of Lighting, shadows, and shading, is a technique to create visual depth. But Visual Depth is the act of making something that is 2D, like a monitor screen, look 3D.

6 times. You’re tripping. Anything that can be considered propaganda is like 15% of the story at most, including the side collectibles (towers).

Do you understand what it means to call something “propaganda?” Because this quote is why I said you don’t know what propaganda means. Along with your incorrect use of lingo like Visual depth.


I miss my Achilles armor. They need to bring that to infinite.

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“Better art” is entirely subjective, however objectively fan reactions to Halo Infinite’s reveal that it was using a more classic art style was very well received across the board unlike its two predecessors.

As for “visual depth” are you referring to the adaptive resolution that made background imagery and far away players look like N64 sprites?


It relied heavily on the highly mobile twitch shooter tropes of the time, had the weakest story and character development to date, had nothing to do with the trailers and expanded media, and decided to displace the titular hero “John Halo” in his own story by a newcomer nobody had ever heard of.

If that’s what you consider a magnum opus, then call me Roger Ebert.


I never referred to it as such.

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