Just Remove the Ravager Rebound from the Game

If you don’t know what it is, it this “upgrade” version of the Ravager that has bouncing projectiles. Problem is it bounces off of enemies too.

No on likes it, no can use it, and it just makes BTB fiesta worse. I usually just pull them off of spawn pads and drop them so they can despawn and hope a hydra or normal ravager shows up.


Can’t say I’ve even used that variant enough to notice but man the Ravager really needs a rework in general to make it relevant. It’s the only weapon that I don’t think has any real purpose. The area denial charged shot was supposed to be its specialty but it’s so weak and depletes your ammo so fast that it’s terrible for that as well.


The weapon doesn’t make any sense to me. I can’t possibly imagine how this weapons design document could have looked for this gun to be the final product :confused:


The Ravager Rebound works best shooting into small areas such as rooms or around and through hallways. The charge shot also can be used to deny an area around a wall and force someone out of hiding. Don’t try to use it like a normal ravager.


Ha ha! Silly @Windjammer19, don’t you know you’re not supposed to actually kill with this gun? You’re meant to annoy and perhaps even intimidate people by bouncing large Red globs all around them before fleeing. Why, cool guns that can kill? What a game-destroying concept!

Err, jokes aside, if this weapon variant is truly that bad, a possible way to have some fun with it would be to try a custom game where it’s the only available weapon to use, if it’s possible to do that. Since it would be the only weapon present, you wouldn’t run into the issue of being taken out by other, more capable guns, and it would look hilarious with tons of Red globs bouncing around refusing to impact on people! For best effect, play on one of the smaller, indoors maps like Recharge and Aquarius.


Uh, I use the bounce from the Ravager. I don’t even know why you’re using it to hit enemies. It drops a burning acid on the ground when upgraded. Just go around a corner on a objective mission and drop pools where the enemy is.

Why you using the second version for direct kills?

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The primary shot slaps since the buff. Combos with melee too. Just treat it like a brute shot.


‘Slaps’ might be overstating it. It’s pretty decent at closer ranges but too hard to hit moving targets further away. Problem is there are plenty of other weapons that hit even harder at close ranges.


i usually charge it up and then shoot it into a zone so the enemy can’t stand there without taking damage or lay out a charge behind you in a hall or pinch point. Works good for that. Just shooting it without charging doesn’t work for much

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I find it less effective as an area denial, and more effective as a Noob Combo. Since it doesn’t rely on tracking and strips shields instantly in a very wide radius, it’s more consistent than hoping the PP and PC actually land, and has multi-kill potential.

But aside from that it’s not a competent kill weapon. The main fire mode needs a buff, it used to be really good in the beta but they severely weakened the blast radius and nerfed it from a 2 burst kill to a 3 burst.

As for the Rebound Ravager, it’s a bad gimmick for sure. It would have been nice if it just worked differently entirely. Like if they just made it behave like a Plasma Caster. Some other alt weapons are direct references to guns that aren’t in the game, like the Stalker alt effectively being a Carbine. So doing that with the Ravager would have been pretty nice. That said, the alt weapons in this game often feel super lazy. Alt Sidekick is just a better Sidekick, alt BR is just a worse BR, I don’t even know what makes the alt Mangler any different from the normal one, it feels exactly the same.

Is there an alt Bandit? I haven’t checked.

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It’s been back to a 2 burst kill for a good few months now.

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I don’t think the Ravager charged shot instantly strips shields. Maybe it’s bugged for me.

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It’s not instant, but the shield will be down in the time it takes you to ready your second weapon and fire due to the DOT.

No, there isn’t.

20 chillupas

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