Just Play Timesplitters Future Perfect

It is a much better game. It’s available on the Xbox One, so go ahead and buy it.


It was on sale the other day and I got it for under £3. By comparison that’s cheaper than cat ears.

It’s a remarkably fun game, that has aged extremely poorly in many areas. I think the main thing I wish more games did that TS3 did is the challenge mode. There are special challenges and arcade matches Vs bots where specific things need to be achieved to attain a medal. Usually linked to a character unlock. I also picked up TS2 for the same price.

The idea of playing Vs 3 high level bots in Strongholds is very appealing to me. Hard and annoying, make me work for it. Maybe if you got all gold medals you unlock some nice cosmetics. I’m not sure. I love the idea of challenges, specifically in Halo too when forge drops would be awesome to have weekly jump/puzzle maps to complete as part of the weekly challenges. I think having that little spicy difference that players can play outside of just the base game is a great way to keep people interested.

I used to play customs on Halo 3 for hours. Completing jump maps and puzzle maps from the community.

I’ve been waiting for Timesplitters for ages, literally I checked every 3 months to see if it was backwards compatible yet for years. Hope TS4 finally gets made after 15 years of walls.

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