Just Notced something about Halo 5's story...

I just started my first legendary playthough, I noticed something I didn’t before.

The first cutscene, With Doc Halsey.

Talking about Oni killing “them both”.

First time I saw that I thought it had something to do with Halo 5’s story, I assumed she was talking about either her and cortana, or her and chief.

But we saw in H5 her and Locke are on decent terms.

Clearly while the scene itself takes place in the past, I think Halsey talking takes place after halo 5.

Hunt the truth wasn’t for nothing. Could Oni be working with Cortana? Wtf is going on?!

ONI has nothing to gain by working with Cortana since she would be acting against their plans.

I’m about 90% sure that is the message she sent to Locke prior to her ‘rescue’ saying that orders would be to kill her and Jul. But those were the orders in Spartan Ops, so… I don’t know, that’s how I interpreted it.

I am guessing she was talking to Locke with regards to how ONI operates, considered both of them used to work for ONI. Halsey helped ONI out by conducting the Spartan-II program, then later charge her with war crimes and eventually end up putting a hit on her. The same thing could happen to Locke, after all he has done for ONI.