Just me finding the download incredibly slow?

It’s ludicrous - if I run the check on the console it’s reporting 31Mb/s then when I go and check bandwidth usage the console is pulling 1.16Mb/s - If I push anything else in front of Halo for download it rockets down but this update is absolutely crapping the bed.

30% and started around 5-10 m ago

It’s definitely just this update - I just pushed Ikaruga in front of it and now it’s going at 29Mb/s


how 2 find speed lel

Settings > Network > Bandwidth Usage

and yes, this thing is wacky. I usually get about 9mb / s - it keeps bogging down from that to 600kb / s


0-70% happened as quickly as I’d expect before the last 30% slowed to a crawl. Which come to think of it is exactly what the base game day one update did as well…

Keep in mind everyone is downloading this so yes it is going to take longer than normal because their servers are overloaded. Makes perfect sense.

No something was definitely wrong - I let Ikaruga finish whilst watching the useage screen and when it did Halo took over at the same speed and finished quickly.

Now when I load the game I can’t join friends it just does “connecting to service” then the failed message. Brilliant stuff. Hard reset and hope for the best time.

I’ve been stuck at 87% for about 20 minutes now.