Just make customizable colors in addition to armor coatings

I think some of the armor coating options are actually pretty cool. I wouldn’t even mind if they were included i n the items you have to pay for, IF you could customize your color to be anything you want for free. I might even consider buying a cool armor coating, if it was a unique thing I could do in addition to the free capability to choose two basic colors like you could in every other Halo game (except CE where you could only pick one color).

As it is, this game has less color customization than any other game, even including Halo: CE. At least in that game you could pick just about any color, even if there was just a flat single color choice. At least in that game I could make my guy orange, or magenta, or really any basic color. The fact that this game doesn’t even have that is absurd, and I will not be buying any armor coatings as long as they insist on preventing players from customizing their character in ways you have always been able to in past games.

Furthermore, it would be so simple to just add the option in now. Don’t even change or get rid of armor coatings (though they do need to make them cross-core, that’s a given); leave the armor coatings and give everyone free access to a customizable color switcher with the same basic two-color options as every other Halo game. I think just doing that would go a massively long way to show the 343 does care about and respect the community. Right now, I feel like these execs (not the hard-working devs, but the greedy execs who enforced this wretched system) are just slapping us all in the face with a stack of $100 bills.

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They shouldn’t make an forced color for armor coatings, they should make coatings just patterns that you can choose what color they are.

HiddenXperia made a video about the monetization in Halo Infinite, I can’t link it though. :confused: