Just looking for some more Halo friends(not kid)

SO this feels a bit off, but since people don’t use mics anymore I can’t just ope to run into people like the old days. In short I LOVE Halo, but have started falling off it for the sole reason my friends have fallen off it. So it is time for me to find some cool Halo people to play with. Allow me to tell you a little about myself and then you can decide if you want to add me. I am 27 and not really looking to play with people under 20. I find I will have more in common with people closer to my age and also don’t want to deal with squeakers. Been playing Halo sine H1, Halo 2 with XBL is when I got hooked hard. I did play H2 on it’s final day and have every Halo and every Halo collectors edition. I play for fun so I don’t always have to win, but I do want to win. But I can play casually or I can act like a pro, not saying I can kill like a pro, but I know how to focus and use call outs and such. I am NOT looking for a clan, I am not going to devote that much time. I also play Rainbow Siege, Overwatch, Smite, Battlefield 1, etc. I don’t do COD, it has gotten too crazy. You must have a mic. Message me if you want to play Halo some time. Oh and I am also looking for people to get achievements with. The Halo games are the ones I must always get as many as I can.

I’m 25 years old, I’m in.

Where you from? add me

I’m up for it definitely: pretty much exactly the situation for me. 26yo - mostly play UK time, but occasionally some wacky hours in there too. Add me on XBLif you like: GT same as forums: MorseyBaby

Goes for anyone else looking for this too.