Just Let Us Equip Equipment Permanently

If I didn’t have to spend 40% of my time looking for a grappleshot, and other people didn’t also seem to need to just stand around waiting for their favorite accoutrement, this game would be perfect.

I don’t mean let people spawn in with Cloak or that kind of thing. That’s obviously really strong. But grapple, radar, wall… why not let it just be an option?

Obligatory mention of bad XP system.

Edit: because I apparently wasn’t clear enough: I DON’T WANT LOADOUTS. I WANT EVERYONE TO HAVE EQUIPMENT AT THE START. Not weapons. Not grenade types. NOT LOADOUTS.

Halo is an arena shooter, if you don’t like fair starts then it isn’t the game or genre for you. Loadouts should never return to Halo.


Except for Custom Games. Some modes that came from Reach need it.

More custom game options are always welcome, I’m only talking about the core gameplay experience.

Yeah I’ve been playing halo MP since it was a thing and it isn’t about fair starts. Ever. It’s about who’s closest to which desirable thing.

Starting everyone with a grapple would be more fair if that’s how you think it should work.

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You’re going to be hard pressed to gather any support for that here. 343 tried loadouts with H4 and there is a reason it never returned.
Isn’t there an option in the training mode for unlimited equipment?

Yeah I don’t want loadouts. Just one single piece of the lower power equipment for every player. They can even limit what it is depending on map or game type. Right now it looks like 30% of every game is going to be people camping equipment, which would be fine if 30% of the rest of the time they weren’t camping weapons (which is just what Halo is a lot of the time and I’m ok with it) and the remaining 40% doing the -Yoink!- bounties. People are going to spend so little time actually playing objectives it’s going to be painful.

What’s an objective? :sweat_smile:

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I’d like if they published some map diagrams with the spwns for everything. I still can’t remember where plenty of things spawn.

I wish they brought them back. Halo Reach had an amazing loadout setup. RIP armor lock.

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Yeah, that would be cool, especially if they continue to update them. It’s hard because even with the same game type the weapon racks spawn different guns on the same map.

me throwing the power seeds while my ENTIRE team ignores them in full slayer mode

Yeah, I’m sure we’ll have fun or temp modes where it’s just grapple everywhere or Halo 5 mode, etc.

but no loudouts in the main MP (makes loud hissing noises)

Well it’s better to scavange because these Equips are powerful in their own right.
Having them permanently will cause the same balance problems with Halo Reach and 4.

Get used to it, and play more matches. You will memorize the spawns of these items and if you are good at hoarding and controlling them, you will dominate your opponents.

Halo’s an arena shooter it would defeat the purpose of the whole sandbox to have loaouts

Yeah those reasons being bolshot, camo, and promy vision. Other than that loadouts were fine. Reach had preset loadouts that nobody ever complained about, outside armor lock of course.

Fair enough, I personally really enjoyed Reach, though I can’t say it is because it had loadouts, having said that, I did always start with the weapon I wanted…
I’m sure there were plenty of complaints though, I wasn’t really involved in the larger community at that time so I have no idea. Certainly Reach never had a competitive community, if that means anything (not really a metric I put much value in).