Just...how!? This is pathetic


(i) You are handed a flagship franchise with a dedicated fan base and expanded universe;
(ii) You have the backing of Microsoft;
(iii) You have a year-long extension on production;
(iv) Cyberpunk’s launch and reception makes the community rather forgiving of that extension;
(v) Your budget is over a half-billion dollars;

How do you manage to yoink up this badly?

For goodness sake, matchmaking (especially BTB) is almost impossible with player drops and server crashes (and this is during HCS!!)

I’ve been a 343 supporter since Halo 4, but this launch has been nothing short of pathetic.

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I’ve read that the game was much larger and “richer” and half way through they trashed it and basically started over.

So what we have isn’t 6 years of work, its only 2.

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