Just had my first “Hacker” match

You know, the match where you join in an ongoing Tactical Slayer match that has you at 0-7 when the entire rest of the team leaves.

So you proceed to go 26-5 and win with a steaktacular, 12 of those kills on a full enemy team when you’re all alone.

Good times, I’d bet a set of cat ears I got called a hacker if not straight up reported right after.

Is that Tactical Slayer or Team Slayer? Because one of those could be considered impressive while the other is…common.

Ooo there is no good way of doing short hand anymore.

Let’s just call it swat in this post.

Common? Yes

Commonly nisinterpreted? Also yes

SWAT is the only game mode that being down players is a tactical advantage…There is absolutely no reason to gloat about it at all…

I think you misunderstand my point here.

I well aware of the advantages that swat gives solo players. I totally understand this.

I’m not gloating about my score, nor am I gloating about victory, it’s incredibly doable in this gamemode even with full teams.

I’m “gloating” because I’ve seen both this exact score and scores like it used as a factors for determining whether someone was cheating or not in swat. I’m posting this because according to some people because of my score “I’m officially cheater now” (obvious sarcasm on that last point) :crazy_face:

According to what people? No one called you a cheater.

Are you doing this because no one loves you?

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Honestly don’t even remember and I’m not about to spend time going through 874 read topics to find out, but it wasn’t directed at me just used as a “factor” for rooting out hackers. Aside from that, a few people have actually.

All of which is why I found this specific match to be hilarious.

Yes, thank you for the attention, I feel loved.

Don’t take this topic too seriously my guy.