Just had 10K REQ points stolen

Tried to buy a Gold REQ pack and right when I spent the points, I got a REQ service error. So I hit “A” and then went back to my REQ pack screen where a Gold pack was waiting to be opened. I tried to open it and was told I already opened it when I never received any REQs or a screen showing what I got. Then I restarted my game thinking it was an error and there was no Gold pack there. So is there a way to get the points back or what?

Hey OP, not to worry on this as you will still get your items. In these cases the game simply skips over the opening animation of the pack, the items get dropped automatically into your REQ inventory. You can check your REQ inventory here on Waypoint to see if you have any new certs or armour, or do a hard reset of your console