Just got my first Xbox 360e, ODST & REACH

Ok, so basically, it’s not like I’m a 19 year old who’s never played Halo. I’ve just played when handed the controller when visiting my cousins (who seemed very good to me at the time; probably actually about as good as your average Live player)

Anyways, I don’t feel like Matchmaking gives me such great practice, mainly due to the wait times between games, and the unfriendly nature of some players (and the frustration that comes with it)

But, I was wondering if some people could add my Gamertag “Jabukufo”.

If you’re one of the “better” live-players, maybe play one on one while giving me tips (but don’t let me have kills, but like after a battle, tell me what I did wrong/right, or things I couldve done instead that would’ve been even better.

If you’re finding yourself in the same situation as me, maybe we could set up a party and just play custom games with each other, and whenever we feel like we’ve made progress, try taking on Live as a team or something… Just an idea lmfao.

Basically, I just want to make some friends that would like to play some custom games set to unlimited kills/time, just for the sake of getting good efficient practice, for the both of us…

Thanks for the friend request,

I barely play Halo anymore, but If you could upload your gameplay to youtube I would gladly commentate on it.

Add me, I’m on once in a while. I should be on this weekend.


I just added you, richilg1… Doesn’t appear that you’ll be on much at all… I am on very much though myself, so I’m positive we’ll run into each other when you’re on sometime soon. Just accept my friend request and add me. I wanna do some custom games when I get a chance.