Just Got Halo 5!

Hey Guys! Just Got Halo 5 Guardians

Congrats! And welcome to the community. Enjoy the game. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Welcome to the community!

Welcome friend! We hope you enjoy your stay with us here in the community!

good luck brethren. Don’t break you’re controller in WZ.


Be careful. Don’t end up with my kind of luck, getting all the worthless no goods who constantly betray.
And don’t say any curse words, not even damn. Cheat Box policy discrimination team will ban you for saying damn

Welcome to Waypoint! Glad to have you.

If I can be so bold, I recommend you play the campaign without reading any of the reviews or forum discussions about Halo 5, if you haven’t already. I would say to do that with any game, but I am assuming you have played the preceding games anyway lol

You must play custom games, it’s the cake

Word of advice - when you get into buying req packs, buy silver until they start refunding you points, then switch to gold.

Don’t bother with bronze packs until later as unlocks are not guaranteed with bronze packs.

Don’t bother with Warzone, don’t bother with campaign. Just start grinding Arena, it’s objectively the best part of the game.

Great to hear. Don’t get discouraged, there is a bit of a learning curve to the game. Try all the different playlists until you find the ones you like. Don’t forget the custom games, they can be great fun.

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> Hey Guys! Just Got Halo 5 Guardians

Welcome to the community Spartan!

Didn’t Think That This People Would Say Hi! :smiley:

Welcome to the game!
Campaign: Enjoy the beautiful levels, but don’t rely on your squadmates (solo)
Arena: Learn to use the pistol. Alot.
WZ/Reqs: Buy silver packs with all your points. For awhile.

Have fun!!

I do have a collection of tips and tricks linked here that perhaps you’ll find useful.

Welcome to Halo 5, and please don’t equip that stupid "True Light’ emblem as soon as you get it. Way too many people use it, and I’m kind of tired of having to look at it tbh.

My suggestion: Play warzone firefight and quickplay, and don’t use boosts until level 20. Then by level 20 you’ll have a ton of boosts and you’ll never run out, and by playing warzone ff and quickplay you’ll have enough experience to play other playlists! Have fun!

Campaign is short but the multiplayer is the best part

Try not to get discouraged by all the hate!
Halo: Guardians is awesome, and I enjoyed both the campaign and multiplayer.
The mechanics are super good too, definitely my favorite!