Just got halo 5 some1 plz read and confirm this!

Hello guys.

So I just got Halo 5, now I have one concern before o even begin to install it.

With Halo 5, or any game. Does installations from discs use Internet? For example. I’ve read the game size is about 60GB. So installing from the disc, does that use 60GB of your internet? Or is it from the disc?

Living in small town Canada, I only get 100GB a months for Internet.

Will installing off the disc screw me on my internet bill?
Or will it be fully from the disc with only the 9 gig update?
Please someone answer this asap lol I would like to play this game!

No, it just installs it from the disc. Any patches it will have to download, but the install will be 100% from the disc.

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> Or will it be fully from the disc with only the 9 gig update?


The patch is 9 gb to play I believe

If you install via a disc it’s pulling from the disc and not the internet. the 9gb day one patch however will pull from your 100gb limit.

It’s from the disc, it’s different if you do it digitally. Okay :).

It will help out tremendously if you let the install finish 100% before downloading the 9GB patch

Awesome thanks so much for the fast reply guys! See you on the battlefield haha!

Good luck.