Just got halo 4!, have some questions :).

Got halo 4 last week after waiting years (have not had a xbox since a week after reach came out). And I was wondering if any of the weekly or monthly playlists still happen?, I can see there is only about 5000 people on matchmaking which isn’t too bad but I dont see anything do to with the DLC maps/playlists for example. Has the game been abandoned in a way because of Halo 5 or will new updates/playlists still be happening?.

That all made a lot more sense in my head…


There will be no more playlist updates for Halo 4, the playlists with the maps and gametypes in them right now are there to the end of the game’s life (likely late 2017 or 2018 when Microsoft shuts down 360 servers across the board).

Daily, weekly, and monthly challenges still happen and refresh, but they’re all recycled from old ones. This game has been largely forgotten.

That said, I’d be happy to play with you some time and show you the ropes.