Just got Banned for the game crashing

So for some reason the game kept crashing on my PC today, I didn’t have a problem with it yesterday but today it kept crashing, now it says user is banned. I know its for leaving to many games but i cant help the game crashing, I wish there was a way to jump back into the game you were playing after you crash, from what I see here on the forums other people have been having the same problem. I don’t know how long the ban even is but I hope my account gets fixed because I would like to keep playing.

Don’t lie we all know you PC players are a bunch of cheats when giving the opportunity. :joy: But seriously I’m on the Xbox One x my game crashed twice I just quit playing and it was in big team Battle.

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Try to figure out what’s causing your game to crash before playing any more games would be the best solution. That way you better yourself into not getting banned any more.

If you know there’s a good chance you will end up crashing though, it is upon you to solve that problem first before just mindlessly jumping back into another multiplayer match.

We shouldnt have to live in fear of getting banned because the game crashes or it disconnects us from the server through no fault of our own.
I have done everything I can think of to fix the disconnect issues…Reset router, reset modem, Verified game files, Re-installed the game, rebooted PC…Nothing helps…
I try to join a bot match, disconnect on loading
I try Quick Match, Play rough 2-3 minutes, disconnect…
Then I end up getting banned because I am TRYING to play, Im not getting into a match and just leaving.
There needs to be some sort of “Failsafe” for the game to know the difference between a disconnect/crash and someone just hopping in and out of matches because they are losing or whatnot.

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I have been trying this but i don’t know what makes the game crash unless i play a game, even if its against bots, Ive tried many methods from reinstalling to making the program a high priority on the pc to even messing with the games program setting manually , I think the only thing that helped a bit was unchecking the Multiplayer High Rez Textures on steam. My friend with a 2080 Ti has similar problems and he’s put a lot more money into his computer then me. I think there might be some Optimization that still needs done to the game.

I know the ban from casual play is like 30 minutes, i haven’t played ranked yet (because im not that good at halo) but if it is really 16 hours id just wait a day and try again, also if your on steam uncheck the high res texture pack on the properties of halo in the steam dlc tab, that seems to have helped me a bit.

I agree, i personally think there needs to be a rejoin game in progress like overwatch has, also if your on steam try unchecking the High res Texture pack DLC that comes with the game. that seems to have helped me a bit.