Just Got Banned... For Playing!!

So I was just playing some SWAT. I was playing SWATnums on Plaza. I accidentally got a betrayal by shooting my teammate in the head. I then accidentally ground pound my teammate as I’m ground pounding an enemy. So I get insta-booted (so fast I couldn’t even read the notification).

Okay, fine. Fair enough… I guess. I’ll be more careful next time.

I play two more matches. In the second match, it’s SWATnums on Truth. The game is really sweaty, and the score ends up being 50-49, us winning. Our Spartans start starring into… wherever they stare at. Then suddenly, a notification pops up saying “Your console lost connection to the server.”, then another notification popping up saying “The Bannhammer Strikes.” and I can’t play for 7 minutes! Like, what?! I just got Banhammered for finishing a match! But I can look at the carnage report, which is something you can’t do when you DNF. It also counted as a game towards my CSR rating, something that also doesn’t happen when you DNF. You can even look at my freaking Service Record on this very website, and it even says I finished the match. But I just got Banhammered for apparently quitting.