just got an ELITE controller now i CANT AIM - HELP

hey guys so i just got an elite controller and not changing anything else, switching from the stock white one, my aim is absolutely atrocious

i can say that the thumb sticks FEEL very different in that they feel like i can move the sticks EASIER from left to right vs. the regular controller requires more force/input to get it out of center. they are more loose in a sense.

i play on recon layout with all default controller settings
i am typically ~50% + accurate in arena with plenty of perfect kills per game and on maps w/ snipers i typically get a snapshot or two every game or 2 out of 3 games for sure

so i was really getting frustrated when i was REALLY struggling with aim yesterday - i felt horrible like i was brand new to the game again (been playing 10+ years)

i lowered the look acceleration to 1 or 2 and that helped considerably but i’m still not totally comfortable and i’m not confident i will be with this controller, at least not yet.

i’ve been reading and will try moving BOTH dead zones to 0 and see what that does

i am REALLY TRYING to love this controller and i don’t want to return it but if i can’t play better what’s the point right?
i love everything else about it SO much more than the regular controller but the thumb stick feel

anyone else have this problem or know what i’m talking about ?

anyone able to help me ?

do scuf controllers have thumb sticks that feel identical to standard controllers ?


It took me probably 1 - 2 weeks to get used to it.

It took me awhile to get used to the elite controller but now I absolutely love it. I use the halo 4 layout and have remapped the crouch and grenade select to the lower paddles under the controller. I also use the convex thumb sticks (took some getting used to but feel they give you more control). I also tuned the vibration down as well. I didn’t mess with any of the “dead zones”. Just keep practicing with it. I stayed in warzone firefight for awhile with mine while I got used to it.

The elite is a better quality product with smoother sticks. That’s why it feels different.
I use helljumper with button mapping, tall right stick, and a paddle for thrust.

I also use recon on the elite.

I use 3 paddles. Jump and crouch set to left paddles. Melee on right paddle. I have sprint mapped to left thumb stick where crotch used to be.

This is set up works for me. But I Havnt met anyone else who plays with it. That’s the beauty of the elite. You can set it up the way you like it. But fair warning it does take awhile to get used to.

I didn’t have a problem with aim but I use control freaks, I have them on my elite.

One thing to make sure of is in your accessories app for the elite controller just make sure you’re sticks are all set to default. Don’t use the custom options like smooth aggressive etc. Those are changing constantly and will mess with your muscle memory badly.

Elite is a great controller. I have somewhat limited mobility in my right hand. The elite really helps with that. I’ve gone from terrible to capable. Still not good at the halo but I’m happy with where I’m at.

I’ve had my Elite for about 6 months now, heavy use… and the sticks are still as responsive as the day I got it… Quality product.

I love mine! Like others have said it just takes time, and the best suggestion is playing WZFF is a great way to get used to it.

I have it set to Bumper Jumper with all the buttons set to the paddles. I like never having to take my thumb off my right convex stick with the left concave.

The sensitivity and acceleration is all what feels good to you. Don’t give up keep working on it and definitely don’t send it back for a Scuf. I had one of those for Halo 4 and it broke down right off the bat.

I thought I was the only person who thought this too. I try not to use my elite every time I play because I want to keep its life a bit longer than my other controllers. I tend to use mine when I’m playing a ranked playlist or playing a competitive game mode with my friends in a customs game. The feel of the controller is great, and the weight feels really good in your hands. I guess I need to play on it a bit more to get used to it.

thanks for the input so far - trying to dig a little deeper here

i am not saying that the elite is not a better product quality speaking - it clearly is better in ever regard

what i’m talking about is the AIM FEEL of the elite vs. the standard and looking for ways to deal with it and/or fix it if that is at all possible

also i’m wondering for those who have owned the standard controller and a scuf and possibly an elite as well, does the sticks on the scuf feel ike the elite or do they feel like the standard controller ?

button layouts aren’t even really worth discussing b/c everyone has what works for them and what’s good for me is terrible for someone else vice versa