Just give us Grifball!

Will you please just give us Grifball. I don’t now what the issue is.

Grifball was the most popular Double-exp playlist in Halo 3 and was a standalone playlist in Reach.

The map is ready, so is the gametype. So instead of Team Regicide or Team Snipers or whatever dull playlist you plan to put out next week, which will bring in minimal players, please give us something FUN. Grifball has already proven to bring in players both casual and hardcore.

So please 343 give us Grifball.

I’m hoping Christmas week will be Grifball week :frowning: It’s so awesome in Halo 4, everytime me and my friends play custom games that’s what we play, the throwing mechanic has made it so much fun. I can only hope it’ll get into MM soon.

I can’t wait for griftball, too. But I fear that it will be just one of those weekly gametypes and not permament… And if that is the case it’ll be a sad day in halo history.

Griftball was the gametype I was l
ooking for the most at release and it’s not even there so far…

Personally, I cannot wait for Grifball to be added. But, to be honest, the version that shipped with the game, in my opinion, really isn’t fit for matchmaking, and has plenty of issues that veteran Grifballers might take issue with.

-Rounds not ending when the ball is scored.
-The ability to camp the ball spawn, then just pitch it to a team mate waiting at the enemy goal.
-Spawning off to the corners, as opposed to next to the plate.
-Auto-ball pick up, just as detrimental as being forced to pick up the flag.

Despite those issues, I do like the Halo 4 variation for custom games. But for matchmaking, I’d much rather have a ‘classic’ Grifball Hub approved version.