Just get better... Constant d/c

Sigh, so -Yoinking!- over this dud of a game seriously. Since the last patch I’ve played about 5/6 games and disconnected 2-3 times. I also happen to be getting paired with a lot of US players which is odd considering I’m in Australia. It’s -Yoink- like this that makes this game so unbearable! I’m not alone either. A few of my mates are having the same issues and randomly drop out of matches. If it’s not one thing it’s another. But hey, it’s ok cos we have -Yoinking!- gun skins right?
Is anyone else playing from Oceanic experiencing the same -Yoink- we are?

<mark>Moderator edit: The Halo5 support section would be best used to politely find/post issues such as these.</mark>