Just for teh lols: COD Gametype and Map


Check out this gametype and map I made…

I made this because I was bored…lol don’t flame me for making this…i hate COD as much as any of you…

The gametype is very COD like, has a noob toob class as well :slight_smile:

The map is terminal…pretty accurate if i say so myself. I was looking at some others and they did not put as much effort as i did on my version. One of them was even Indoors!!

It’s really fun to play with friends in customs if you’r ebored of Halo Reach Matchmaking…Have Fun!

lol that’s hilarious.

> lol that’s hilarious.

Why Thank you :slight_smile:

Halo 4 is already turning into CoD, no need for a gametype for it. =P

Lol, just kidding with ya. Clever idea, but something I would never play.

That is absolutely awesome. I’d play it, just for the happenstance.