Just fix it already!

Ever since season 2 launched I have had nothing but crashes when trying to launch the game (series S). I can get to the main menu and in the top right it says “transitioning” the music skips and the game closes. I have submitted a support ticket and got “we have passed this over to the developers”.

Season 1, zero crashes. I just spent 15 minutes trying to get passed the main menu to no avail, this included a reboot of the box.

I am sick of this and all the other things that should be either fixed by now, or been added to the game that were absent at launch. I love this franchise and it is the only game I currently play but I am starting to get annoyed.


I (Series S) Have had no issues whatsoever with crashing.

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I’m on series s and no crashes at all, although you tried rebooting, maybe uninstall and re-install perhaps, maybe it just copied a file wrong or something, even though I have expansion card in back of series s, Infinite is installed on console drive


On Series X, Xbox One Original, and PC.
No crashes have been had since I started playing on the Insider periods.

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Although I haven’t had a crash, quick resume does fail to get online. Have you made sure to shut down the game completely before restarting?

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Yeah I had that issue loads and they said they’d done some fixes for it but I still get it.

(Series X)