Just came back from pre-ordering TMCC/Xbone

I simply wanted to give a big thank you to 343i and to the community that has made Halo what it is today. For a while, I had left the gaming community, thinking I ‘grew out’ of gaming, and the games I enjoyed altogether. Yet, these past few weeks that I’ve actually started playing again alongside my friends and the community, and seeing the dedication and care developers are putting into my favorite franchise, I can honestly say that I’m so happy to bare witness to this.

I see a community that has a wide variety of opinions, but is ultimately united in what they enjoy and who they enjoy it with. For a while, I felt like I needed to burn my bridges, as if playing a game was a vile obsession that needed cleansing. I was so ready to abandon what I’ve enjoyed doing for a little over a decade now. But today, I can’t find it in me to acknowledge such an entertaining and communal pass-time as an issue. Albeit, I won’t have as much time to game anymore, as my first years of college are beginning, but I’m happy in knowing that when I am online in the future, I will be playing alongside such a respectful community of gamers, of people who admire a game developed by people who share the same sort of compassion for their fans and fellow gamers.

So amidst of all the discussions and even complaints that are to come as the future of Halo slowly reveals itself, know that your presence as part of this community brings life to something that otherwise wouldn’t exist; not only a franchise, but the people who care about what they do, and the people who know the true feelings of enjoyment. Thank you for reading this. I look forward to seeing you on the virtual battlefield in the months to come. Keep the spirit and compassion alive, and this might just last longer than you think.

Just a little something for providing such an amazing feeling for so many years.

Welcome back!