just bought two gold packs, nothing happened?

I noticed I had £5 on me so I bought a couple of packs with it and nothing happened both times. I have checked my unopened packs and nothing is there and I have also checked my collection and there is nothing new. The transaction definitely worked as I’m down to around 90p on my account. I have also restarted my game and still nothing. Will the packs be given to me or have I just been ripped off? Not trying to sound aggressive but I don’t want to feel like I’ve just thrown away a fiver. Please respond asap with a fix or what will happen. I also think I have a limit on replies so I can’t do much about that. Thanks.

Same thing happened to me just now! I tried buying a gold pack twice with one card, then tried once with a different card, and I got receipts in my email, but no req packs! This is ridiculous.

Same, bought a gold pack and got nothing. Thought that was weird, tried again, still mothing. Out two gold req packs now.

Update, so it let me use req points to successfully buy and open req packs. Juat not able to use real currency. Also, my two gold packs still havent shown up yet.

Yeah I still can’t see my packs. My arena packs showed up but not the golds although I have tried hard resetting etc… I hope we will get them soon

bought 2 gold packs as well same issue what is going on 343

update just got both of the gold packs must’ve ran out of arena one though pity 2:50pm

Thanks for the reports everyone! We’re aware and currently investigating.