Just bought the Digital Deluxe Version

I just finished installing the digital deluxe version of Halo 5.
Was this worth the extra 30 dollars? There’s probably more topics but I would appreciate some feedback here.
Looking for more info on the REQ packs and exactly what they consist of and pre order bonus’s
Is 343i selling REQ packs in game as well?

The premium reqs contain random rewards like normal req packs, but they are a tier higher than the gold ones.(so they have a better chance at rares, more cards overall, and I believe 3 permanent unlocks instead of 2). 343 is selling gold and silver req packs. You also got the fall of reach series which is a nice bonus.

We are getting like 14 Premium level REQ packs which gives us more cards per pack and higher chance for legendaries/rares and permanent items :slight_smile:

I think it is i also got the deluxe version and it seems like its gonna be really fun to open.

It depends on the person if its worth it. I am opting for the $60 version only because I think I will have more fun unlocking Req packs than buying them and I have read Fall of Reach bothe the comic and the classic book so I will eventually watch the animated version but no rush.

Thank you all for the feedback

True i think you got your money’s worth tbh. I would’ve bought the digital deluxe version but I just got the normal pre-order edition, but hey its still Halo 5 right xD

I went with the standard digital version. The Bonus DLC didn’t do it for me.

I think so, and it was cheaper than the Hardened version (or Halo’s equivalent name) as to cut out the physical items such as the statue, etc.

Lol idk doesn’t matter to me wat I get as long as I have the game in my hands n playing it in one happy fan lol