Just bought new DLC for halo4 and no maps..

I just bout halo4 new dlc maps and I cant play the the new maps. From what im being told is its luck of the draw that I would have to wait for people who have the same dlc as me. But to me that is not fair, I purchased 25 dollars worth of new maps and have to “wait” for people to have the same maps or wait 3 months for the next new playlists you guys create. PLEASE 343 put in a DLC playlist!!

Yeah I bought all the DLC and I don’t often see the new maps either unless I’m in a group with like people. Thing is, if say all eight people in a lobby have the DLC, it will often show up. If seven out of those eight have it, and the last person refused to buy it for whatever reason… Only Haven and Adrift and Complex and so on will show up.

I still play 'em in customs a lot, and when I used to play Action Sack maps like Perdition showed up a lot in Fiesta for some reason. Elsewhere? Mostly people that “refused” to buy it and recommended others not to do the same.

That being said, I do wish they had a DLC-only permanent playlist or two, but alas.

Welcome to the club. Some of us have been in this club since Halo 3 (stupid “Snowbound” every other match).
And in 4, all I ever get to play is Adrift, Abandon, and Haven.

I have no idea who’s idea was to make it a chanced thing, that is pretty much cheating them out of it… they NEED a DLC playlist, it really isn’t fair.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand welcome to Halo 4 buddy!

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> Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand welcome to Halo 4 buddy!

Welcome to 343 industries politic, we have your many, and you have no DLC maps :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding, you have to wait till jan 20…

The DLC issue is nothing new. It was the same in Halo 3 (before the DLC restrictions were put in place) and is still the same in Halo Reach. It was happening in both those games while Bungie was still in control.

In a legal sense though, you technically aren’t being ripped off, since nowhere in the descriptions of the map packs does it state that you are guaranteed to use the maps in online matchmaking. And because you can still use them in custom games, you aren’t being denied access either. Thats Microsoft’s loophole around this whole situation.

> and is still the same in Halo Reach

There WAS a DLC playlist on REACH til 343i removed it

> > and is still the same in Halo Reach
> There WAS a DLC playlist on REACH til 343i removed it

There was also DLC playlists on Halo 3 (about 3 at the same time) until Bungie removed them. Bungie also removed various DLC playlists from Reach when they had control. Bungie is no better than 343 in this respect so I don’t see your point. DLC playlists are historically known for being some of the least populated in Halo history. Thats why they get removed, because they take up hopper space and contribute to slower matchmaking. Chances are when the two rotational DLC playlists are introduced over the next few months, once people have the achievements they want, those playlists will be dead after a couple of days. Its the same every time.

343 have made the DLC available in every playlist in Halo 4. You want somebody to blame for not playing on the DLC, blame all the people who refuse to buy it or the DLC owners that convince others not to (these make up the majority of the Halo 4 population). If they actually changed their backwards perspective on the DLC situation and tried to convince other players to purchase the map packs, maybe they would show up more. They’re the ones ultimately stopping others from playing the premium content. 343 have no legal obligation to make a specific playlist just for DLC owners, and the ones that are coming in January and March are basically goodwill gestures. Many DLC owners who claim they are getting ripped off legally aren’t, since they constantly have access to the maps in custom games, and nowhere in the Xbox Live ToS or the map pack descriptions does it state you are guaranteed to use the DLC in online multiplayer.

343 did make team slayer require DLC for I think, 2 weeks, and the population of the play list went from i think 3,000 too about 250. No one bought the DLC because they did not need too, and that sucks.