Just Bought Halo 3

We recently picked Halo 3, even though we’ve played it thru the MCC. Jumped right into Matchmaking. Really tough to find games. First couple of games were okay. Then we get into one 3vs3 but the graphics are all messed up, we can hear the game and see the messages that my local co op partner and I are getting killed etc. Our teammate is getting all the kills, so his game is fine, probably thinks we’re trolling. Try to quit, but it says we’d lose xp etc. So my partner says lets finish! We did and lose of course.
Looked at the Theatre clip afterwards and see we’re walking into the kill zone and walking around blindly with our weapons pointed at the ground, getting killed by the opposing team. Pretty comical, but real annoying.

LoL wanted to go play Halo Reach

Ur so late