Just because it was "always apart of Halo" doesn't mean it isn't annoying today

Grenade spam and melee spam. I get it. It’s a part of Halo. In halo 5 I used to abuse the melee to an extreme degree so I understand the fun and understand that it’s a huge part of Halo HOWEVER I think we need to revaluate this formula because in this Halo that’s all this game really is. Melees and grenades. Almost every kill I encounter there is either a grenade thrown and a melee thrown. Rarely do I get into a gun battle and it actually finishes with the gun. Im playing a shooter. An FPS. i want to shoot more than throw grenades and melees.

I’ve outlined feedback on this before. That being.

Remove grenades from start as there is already enough on the map

Put back collision and fix melees as well as reduce the lunge.

The thing about Halo Is that a lot of game modes require you to get up close. Like odd ball for example. One tiny room can have the entire two teams in it because of the ball. At that point melees and melee trades are basically garenteed. These moments are also the most crucial. The most crucial parts of the game shouldn’t be decided with primary nades and melees. It should be a the other way around where it’s mostly guns and nades and melees are secondary.

Not being able to thrust away also sucks. The thruster from Halo 5 was more than just movement tool. It gave you independence on how much nade spam you can avoid. At some point in infinite your spawn even gets nadeed and there no way to doge it.

Using the lunge around corners is also super broken as well.

Over all I want to play an FPS and this game doesn’t feel like one currently.

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Grenade and Melee spam, to some of us older gamers, was not always a part of Halo. Grenades and Melee have always been an important part, however, and were typically effective and consistent.

Spamming Grenades in the early Halos (HCE and Halo 2) usually wasn’t that smart, assuming you had M6D or BR. So that usually toned down the use of them, where they were mostly used to dictate where targets moved to.

Melees also never became a problem until Halo 3 (which by some wasn’t even “real Halo”). I do think Infinite’s Melee is the most bugged of any previous Halo, and I think the non-collision attributes to this.

Halo has had a number of “tools” to use as evasive measures, and to be honest, I haven’t been a fan really of any of them. Some are worse than others. These included Energy Drain, Bubble Shield, Armor Lock, Jetpack, Sprint, Thrust, Grapple, including manually-enabled Overshield, and others. Thrust, specifically, decreases a player’s ability to predict movements for out-playability… not. a. fan. That’s just my opinion, and I’m sure you disagree.


I don’t like the energy drain. It prolonged battles. Cheap to use.

I don’t like bubble shield. Prolonges gameplay. Same with the drop wall in infinite.

Armour lock is just bad.

Jetpacks were annoying especially when people just floated straight up and leaving the battle.

Sprint doesn’t belong in halo but Halo 5 was the only Halo to balance it properly.

Grapple is cool but doesn’t belong in halo. The ground pound was cool and even the spratan charge was cool in halo 5. It still didn’t belong tho. These things should be custom game options tho.

The thruster was just hard to predict. Not impossible. That WAS the fun for me. Trying to predict where someone was going to thrust. Once you became good at the game you KNEW for a fact where people were going to thrust and it was up to you to match that thrust. I get it. Some people can’t handle fast decision making but it was definitely predictable. Halo 5 is the only game that did advancement movement justice. No other game feels as fast and as fluid as Halo 5. But Halo is also a causal players game so the game has to be easy to some degree and I honestly don’t like that. It’s like the grenades on the pads in infinite. The game became TOO easy now. And it’s been becoming like that for a while now. Power ups used to never be on pads. Same as weapons. I’m a fan of hard things not easy things


Halo 5 did not balance sprint at all XD

I think you just hate equipment, I think it’s a fine edition.

Grenades and melee are fine in this game, biggest problem is no friendly fire, it barely get grenade spammed in ranked.

Agree on bringing back player collision though.


Not being able to Sprint because of sheild Regen is a key feature. Without this feature Sprint is meaningless. It’s actually the reason I even liked Halo 5 In the first place was because they added this feature. I will never defend any Sprint that doesn’t have this feature

They made the strafe faster and the Sprint slower. It should be the other way around with the Sprint faster and the strafe back to the way it used to be

I think ranked shouldn’t have equipment. IDC if it’s in other modes. However I think map elements should’ve been the priority. Like sections where there’s no gravity like in that reach map. Game play stuff that’s within the maps. I think thats far more interesting than equipment littered all over the floor. Equipment just leads to frustrating situations Rather than fun ones.

I mean. Can I play the game. Ofcourse. Grenades and melees aren’t going to stop that. I can live with it and say it’s fine. But it’s not. I really don’t think 8 grenades down one hall way is fun nor competitive. Yes friendly fire and collision need to be on

Yeah I really can’t agree with almost anything you said. Halo 5’s abilities changed the core gameplay too much and it’s much better in Infinite with sprint being slowed down a lot.

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Sounds like a generic shooter to me. Atelast classic gameplay was it’s own thing. Every game.has Sprint these days. Imagine a game that did what most of us were thinking. Up the base movement. That’s all Halo needed. It didn’t need Sprint.

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If it was my choice that’s what I would’ve done to but what we have now in Halo Infinite is a lot better than we had in Halo 5. Halo Infinite actually feels like Halo again unlike Halo 5 did.


Its such a big problem in Halo now, since Reach, everyone has been spamming every nade they have and avoiding gunfights, barely anyone challenges each other and if they do its because #1 they are actually good at the game and have gun skill or #2 they panic in a situation, takes the 1v1 and usually loses.

99% of my ranked games are lost because kids do nothing but spam nades and hide.

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