Just Another Player's Initial Thoughts on H4

Ok, I’m not going to make a flowery introduction, I’ll get straight to it. These are my initial thoughts about Halo 4.

I think everyone else is highly opinionated on the good and bad about Halo 4 because Halo has been such a good series. Most of you have some moments of wonderful enjoyment from Halo 2/3/Reach, and, as a result, most people desire Halo 4 to be more like their favorite games of the past. It’s a new game, and it won’t be a carbon copy of Halo 3. I don’t want the removal of loadouts, or the old BR back, because if I wanted H3, I would play H3.

That being said, one area I do feel that could be improved upon is the content of War Games playlists: they’re too one-dimensional. We need a larger selection of maps and gametypes. The gametypes area is straightforward: look into more classics such as Shotty Snipers, racing gametypes, Grifball, and so many other modes from previous games.

The selection of maps perplexes me just as it did in Reach: why is it that, once we finally get the forge mode of my dreams (I created a 20,000 person forging community, I’m passionate about this part), the selection of maps goes down?! In Halo 3, map variants are made when necessary (Pit Stop, Boundless) and custom maps are added for pure variety (There was a Bungie.net group made for this purpose). This is one of the areas where I feel the same methods should be implemented.

As you can see, I’m forge-oriented, so my next point is my one gripe about an otherwise-sufficient forge mode: there appears to be a lack of a single space in which we can create big-team maps. We have plenty of spaces in which to forge now, but none of which are quite satisfactory in size for someone to make an adequate big team map. Not an easy fix, but I’d like to see another forge map in the next DLC to meet this deficiency.

Next, a nit-picky thing. Have you guys stopped to look at the emblems? They’re awfully cool. Could they be made slightly larger in game? I don’t know how others feel about this, but in game I barely notice them.

Finally, I asked about this once before, and I assume this is just a feature that hasn’t been implemented, but where is our file share/recent screenshots?

Feel free to agree/disagree with me on any of these points, but I’d appreciate if you stated why.

100% agree, id vote for you