Just an opinion

I’m just gonna post a personal opinion on Halo 4, get my mind off the rant and complaining threads, I’m just here to share.

When it was announced that bungie was done with the Halo franchise and that a new studio was building a new Halo trilogy, I was both excited and worried, and I remained faithful. In all honesty, I hadnt been so excited about a game in ages and just couldn’t wait. I’ve only ever bought one limited/special/collectors/etc edition of any game, and that was Halo 4, and I don’t regret it.

I trusted 343i with the development of the franchise and I certainly like their general goals and the broad outline of where they’ve taken it, Master Chief’s humane aspect really drives the point home, I enjoy that. I do feel the campaign was a bit linear, but I’ve seen worse, so I’m not complaining.

As for matchmaking, well, thats another story. I understand games need to evolve, I understand that we can’t just have another Halo 2 when there are so many other fps with many more features and gameplay mechanics, Halo has to both catch up and innovate, and thats fine by me. Yes, I’ve complained about certain mechanics (Boltshot, DMR being overpowered) but there have been these kinds of problems with every halo game released to date, and I’m confident that 343i even though silent, still listens to me and the community.

I know they are a subdivision of Microsoft, and Microsoft has usually been all about the money, but if there’s something I want 343i to understand is that I trust them to listen to the community, I know there are problems with this game and I hope 343i will fix them. I do feel the game was rushed and we’re playing a sort-of-beta, but it’s a kick–Yoink- beta and I love it.

So, 343i, thank you for not messing up too bad, I know this game needs a TU, and that you guys will deliver.

We as a community (some more than others) have entrusted you guys with this platform and are anxious to see what you guys can do with it, don’t let your fans down.