Just a thought on promethean vision

I want to say i have no problem whatsover with promethean vision i think its actually balanced in the fact that it tells u when someones using it. That in turn allows me to use it against the user. Anyway i see alot of post regarding it being op and i think i have a easy solution that will help solve this quarrel. Im suggesting that while u have promethean vision on the game takes away all auto aim for u. I think this will make it a lil bit harder to hit the enemy u can see through the wall to give better balance. I still honestly think its fine as is just a thought that came to me. What u guys think.

Promethean vision is a useful tool for cautious players who like to play smart.

Couldnt agree more with u just seen alot of complaining. I dont use it but dont see a problem with it.

I dont want to rant, but yesterday I was playing complex every death was from someone standing OUTSIDE using PV, it has’ent become op as much as a bother

Some of my personal favorite Halo plays right now are where I hear the telltale sound of Promethean Vision, look at my mini-map, see a dot coming at me, and go “Um, no.” and trick the SOBe-Lifewater into a pile of grenades-and-lead-flavored death.

I find Promethean Vision and Active Camo to be the best AA on the game. Specially now that you have sprint by default. The rest of the AA in the game are very situational. Promethean vision and Active camo will work on any situation. Most matches i’ve been majority of players use either one of these abilities.

But in this situation Active Camo has the edge against Vision. Vision can’t see camo thru walls. So in the case of direct sight the camo user will probably get 1st shot. The only good thing about vision is that it forces players to use camo if they want to properly counter. All in all, I find Camo to be the best of all AA in this game. From far away players won’t notice you and you can easily ambush. In a team encounter you are the player that the enemy isn’t gonna see coming. The best way to beat camo 1 on 1 is, not to engage the player. Once you see those dots on the map. Just leave unless you have a win/win situation (rocket). If you’re gonna trade blows with a camo user waiting on an ambush, odds are against you. So best is to leave or force him to reveal himself.
The only thing that can beat Camo hands down with no problems is Team Work. Which is comething hard to get when playing slayer solo.