Just a Thought on MLG

"its obvious to us that 343 sees halo as a game with bigger maps and use vehicles. i’ve read a billion different post about letting the game develop and i agree with people. so why are big maps and vehicles not being tested. what if they are REALLY competitive and balanced. this game has proved to be so different then conventional halo that we’ve resorted to trying all kinds of things (radar on, ordnance on, sprint ect.)

i’ve played halo since CE and been a part of the MLG community for a while, and if anyone would have posted that back in H2 or even H3 days they would be shot down and ridiculed. but its H4 days, have we even tried it? or is everyone just denouncing because we always have.

i’d really love to see a discussion about that.

i dont like them myself. in the sense that i dont really like BtB. but who is to say if these things arent incorporated and refined to a degree they couldnt be exciting, fun and most importantly, competitive. i dont think i want to see them either. but this IS a new game and to just dismiss them because we always have, creates the same problem that a completely vanilla game would. why are we not forcing a BR spawn on only forged (old, used) maps with NS NIS, no ‘perks’ or ordnance. that is technically what MLG halo used to be. which i believe is the reason its been going downhill since H2 (or at least H3). the developers have pushed all kinds of maps, weapons and gametypes on us and we immediately denounce them in an attempt to make EXACTLY how its always been. pro sports set up ‘settings’ and rules that create fair and exciting competition, but also stay true in the sense that pros would be able to defeat amateurs, even in amateur environment or rules (two hand touch, pro football players would still mostly dominate. or NBA players playing street rules.) even in CoD players who play MLG, hardcore, or barebones develop skills and tactics that make them (for the most part) superior players compared to casuals. but since H3 well developed MLG players could be defeated by skilled casual players in regular slayer, or what not. to say and NFL player is good at “football” as a whole is pretty accurate. to say a MLG CoD player is good at CoD as a whole is accurate. however this hast been true about halo since at least H2. being a player on THIS “pro” circuit doesnt at all show your skill over all as a player of a Halo game. and that to me is a problem."

Well it’s slightly obvious your MLG community wants tight maps and no vehicles just from some the first initial responses on the thread. Big Vehicle MLG type battles could happen, but it would be really up to 343 creating new vehicles designed for specialization and speed, basically ORION where the Spartan Armor is your vehicle.

Secondly it would have to be a grass roots sort of movement before even being taken seriously then I’d guess that MLG as a whole might considered it. I’ve seen numerous contests between EVE teams and that’s basically giant vehicles in space with numerous Youtube channels dedicated to them. So it’s really up to the Developer to supply the tools and the community to drive the contest between vehicles.

We need some really big maps and a whole new set of vehicles to even gain a audience. Though to be honest that will probably fall onto CCP with Dust514 and Planetside 2 let alone Hawken rather than 343.

before MLG became the go to tourney for halo, vehicles were used in tournament play. It was by far the most enjoyable tournament play that I’ve ever played in. MLG stripped down version of halo is the reason I stopped playing in halo tournaments.

People flocked around to watch the game play, oooed and ahhhed at the game play and cheered clutch vehicle maneuvering resulting in game winning caps.

i understand why they want it that way i guess. but its just frustrating that they have such a closed mind about what halo Should be. the halo franchise has suffered (at least in the MLG community) because of it. each game has had less turnouts since H2. at what point do we take a step back and say “wait, we made halo 1 and halo 2 the way we did because we took everything bungie gave us, and found out what worked well”
they started with scratch on both those games. because they were DIFFERENT games. yet since then we just say automatically rifle spawns on small maps is what defines mlg.