Just a thought about the Master Chief's armor in Halo CE Anniversary...

Long time Halo fan here. Just my thoughts on the Master Chief’s armor in the upcoming Halo game. After reading BS Angel’s ‘favorite community halo 4 themed screenshots’, I personally would have loved to see the Master Chief looking like this (link below, from article).

No matter what he looks like though will obviously not diminish my excitement for the game…like I said…just a thought.

I see im not the only one who likes that pic and armpr config. But im sur at Halofest we will have our answer on the armor and why its changed.

I’m my opinion, it’s the coolest looking MC to date. I was actually referring to Halo CE Anniversary in my post, but now that you’ve mentioned it, it would be great for the next as well, and obviously consistent with story. Although, I am fully confident in 343, and I’m sure now matter what his armor, H4 is going to be an awesome game!

Like the Assault Rifle and many other things in the trailer. Master Chief’s appearance was a placeholder and will be edited. It’s ok.

But the Armor in that picture is NOT Mjolnir Mk V, it is Mk VI. And he will not look like that in Anniversary.