Just a question

I have a question for those who keep saying Halo is turning into COD. But furst, a little background.

  1. We haven’t actually heard what these “perks” are. Just because they used the word Perk doesn’t mean it’s immediately COD. Maybe they’re like AAs but incorporated into the armor. My say is as good as yours. And honestly, Battlefield is a great game in my opinion, and still manages to pull off the Perk and Loadout system incredibly well.

  2. They really haven’t announced anything yet. Do you know for sure what the ranking system or point scoring system is or how it works? Of all the interviews I’ve read in the past 12 hours, I haven’t actually read anything about them being discussed.

  3. Those people complaining about a Lack of a Beta seem like selfish whiners to me. Just because you can’t play it early doesn’t mean it’s gonna be worse. In my honest opinion, I think that it would be much better to not have this experience ruined for me by playing the game 3 months early.

  4. There’s still plenty to be excited about. There’s a whole new exciting game with new functions and a campaign which, judging by what I’ve read in the most recent books, should be great. I mean, look at the graphics! The cinematics! You’re being overly negative about something you don’t fully understand. Frankie already said there’s much more to be said about Campaign and Multiplayer, and that we still haven’t seen nearly enough.

And so the question to all of the people on this forum, slowly turning it into a barbaric wasteland, Why are you so afraid of change? I dislike COD as much as the next guy for many reasons, but my main qualm with it is that it’s the same rehashed game with a new graphics overlay year after year. If Halo 4 were to turn out as another Halo 3, I wouldn’t buy it. I don’t intend to buy something I already own but shinier. That is incredibly shallow and wasteful. I’d rather have a new experience with things to be discovered.

Just some Info, I have played all of the Halo games (CE, 2, 3, ODST, Wars, Reach, CEA if you count it). Just before you start whining.

And please, keep it civil,

  1. Your reason for being okay with not having a beta is so that you don’t get a taste of the game before it comes out? A Beta isn’t for giving you a taste of the game a few months before it comes out, a Beta is there to help the developers get information to help smooth out gameplay and find glitches. You seem to have confused a Beta with a Demo.

The point of a demo is to point out flaws and glitches in the game.

Although I would LOVE to play it early.