Just a question about the bulletin.

Hi everyone, I’ve been away from these forums for about 2 months, and today I came back on Waypoint and read the latest bulletin. I’m sorry if this has been discussed before, but I haven’t checked these forums for ages. What I noticed was that the bulletin said that when you start Halo 4, you are given Recruit armour. Now, this was one of the Limited Edition bonuses. Have they changed it to what the original default armour was or have they just removed it as a bonus? Again, sorry if this has been posted before!

The recruit armor was never a limited edition exclusive. Recruit is the default armor for everyone, if you get the LE, you just get an exclusive skin for it.


Oh dear, sorry everyone! I feel stupid now.

Look, another person who was duped into thinking Recruit was a LE exclusive. I too was in your shoes. Thinking Warrior armour was default. But alas poor yorick, you’ve been had.

Recruit armour is the default armour for everyone. Limited Edition buyers get the recruit armour SKIN. So, in the Limited Edition picture of the recruit armour, you seen black lines on the white Spartan. You get those lines if you get the Limited Edition.

Oh and the War Games Map Pass that comes with the LE does not come with the Strider or Scanner helmets. Only the marketplace War Games Map Pass does.

With the LE you get the PRIME skin for the recruit armor.