Just a post about the update (also this website is broken)

i uninstalled this game a few days ago cause i can only stand playin the same maps without any kinda progression with braindead teammates and sweats for so long, but theres a new update so figured id check some of it out
i dont really care about the cyberpunk or whatever its called event. like wow i can give my spartan a spikey mohawk, crazy. from what ive seen the only cool stuff in this event are the visor and mohawk, so yknow, great

i mean there is some other cool stuff, like that effect thing, but guess what? paywall. they reduced the prices but like, theyre still high. its 10 bucks for an effect, visor and some emblems. honestly i dont really think there even is a price drop? like, i dunno if there was a bundle before that had the same kinda stuff in it, but 10 bucks for that still sounds exactly like the way it was before
theres also no armor bundle this week so cant figure out how much those are yet, but my guess is that its probably like 15 bucks, which is still too much for one armor set

so looks like i aint missin much and this game is gonna stay uninstalled

and by the way 343 fix your damn site. cant even log in on chrome causa “iNtErNaL sErVeR eRrOr”

Bye (again).

Hope you find something to play that makes you happy.


who are you?

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I just tried logging in to both the website and this forum and got in without error. Are you still getting that error?

Oh - can I ask the reason for typing the error message in that way? I’ve noticed a couple of posts on the forum where this style was used. Does typing this way have some sort of meaning?

only on chrome for some reason

its used to mock something

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I should have said which browser I used - Edge and Chrome. No issue with either. Hopefully it gets sorted.

Thank you. Obvious now you’ve pointed it out!

What’s with people and progression? Just play to have fun, that’s the whole point of playing video games.

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its almost as if progression makes a game fun

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Desync has ruined the fun-factor for me.
Haven’t played a single game in 6 days that wasn’t a completely buggy ****show.

I’m not a bad player, as my previous to this last week stats would show, but since the servers took a definite nosedive, I have deranked from Onyx 1534 to just barely hanging on to Diamond 6.

I literally can not win 1v1 battles anymore. I’m hitting my shots, but they don’t ever kill the enemy anymore. 8-10 shots MIGHT drop their shield if I’m lucky.

This game has waaay bigger problems than BTB not working.

That’s extremely sad, I hope you progress in life.

…aint that like, a normal thing to do though?

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Game seems a whole heck of a lot more unstable after the update. Getting “Unstable Packet Loss” even though Xbox says its 0. This is ridiculous.

“TyPiNg LiKe ThIs” is generally a sarcastic repeat of what they’ve seen, heard, or are actively mocking someone/something via a reply.

In this case, I’d say that they are just frustrated that the internal server error happened again.

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Yes the game is downright unplayable and unfair today after the update, I was raging so hard screaming at the tv because of the bullsh1t, even checked my connection, NAT open. Glad I’m not the only one. And I have 2 challenges left and they’re not progressing now, go figure. Thank you 343, please for the love of all that’s holy, give halo back to bungie

still goin btw, its been weeks now

I noticed network performance in the game seems to be way better with a wired connection. Still pretty strange considering other games work perfectly fine either way. Don’t know if you have a wired connection available, but it’s at least some information. I just want to be able to play the game because at the end of the day it’s really fun. Just not when there are so many networking issues.