Just a little thing to think about...

Although I fully trust 343i, I do not, however, put all of my hard earned faith into them, just to come out looking like an idiot. 343, so far, have basically done a CoD, copy pasting gameplay. It was only reach’s restrictions which stopped them creating halo 3.5. Let’s look at 343’s creations:
REACH Defiant: Three maps. Condemned, although I loved it, seems to be considered a “multi-team” map. Highlands had horrible spawns, and terrible CTF and ASSAULT gameplay. Unearthed is the best FF map, hands down.
REACH TU: Used halo 3’s basic settings, with a few pre-TU elements due to restrictions
REACH Anniversary: Maps just bungie maps visually enhanced (looks great IMO)and with slight gameplay changes and map changes (not big). And yes, Installation 04 was just a portion of the level “Halo” from the first game, with some ODST’s, who were…well…not smart.
CEA: Again, a -Yoink!- version of bungie’s tasty, fulla bacon original, making the bacon have a few (Easter) eggs beside it and making it look nice.
HALO 4: A full on meat feast, with eggs and beans. But we do not yet know if they have gone rotten, although I detect a slightly nauseous smell from it’s direction.

My point: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. (Don’t make a decision about 343 until you see H4)

I’ll just wait for more news and eventually, the game itself.

Only thing we can do is speculate.

really dude its been x amount of months since what we know has come out( any video about halo 4). as a halo fan from ce who said that halo was doomed from jump i think its going to be one of the best halos in a while so …(insert comment)

I guess…:slight_smile: